Monday, October 12, 2009

The Push For Visibility

What an exciting time it is for us at Whittier College. Along with the many advantageous that come with a liberal arts education, the opportunities available to us are just as great. The ASWC Senate is aggressively working to continue to make those opportunities available. Unique partnerships with the LEAP Office, Residential Life, the Cultural Center and other offices on campus make these opportunities possible. Excellent programming comes from these relationships and with the many goals the Senate aggressively pursues, these relationships are very important.

Likewise, the relationship the ASWC Senate has with the student body is just as important. The ASWC Senate sees the need to be more visible and available to the students. For this reason the Speak to Your Senators campaign was developed for the purpose of improving those relationships and creating unity among fellow students. As we get each Senators schedule together, the ASWC Senate will be back in force, listening to the concerns of the student body. This proactive approach on behalf of the Senate is geared toward addressing the needs of students and improving visibility as a governing body.

Each office and department at Whittier College adds to the culture we have on campus and brings valuable, unique perspectives to the table. In the coming months, the Senate seeks to draw from the many gifted and talented resources that make up the Whittier College family. From this pool we plan to create the Senate Leadership Series. The knowledge, experience and wisdom from our students, faculty, staff, administrators and alumni is beyond compare and providing the opportunity to share these gifts with the College will educate, promote and inspire good things in the lives of our fellow Poets.

It is the Senate’s hope that the time and effort put forth by Senators go to support the student body as a whole and that actions and events planned by the ASWC Senate help to make Whittier College an improved home for a liberal arts education. As for the Senators, we will continue to enhance the student experience as best as possible and welcome any suggestions. We look forward to continued progress and thank you for your support.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Here's To A New Semester

As Whittier College ushers in a new semester full of engaging classes and exciting events, the ASWC Senate implements plans to aggressively improve the campus as a whole. The members of the Senate have worked tirelessly to get the student body off the ground and are excited to continue to move in this new direction. I am so privileged to serve with a group of leaders who are just as committed to the welfare of the ASWC and are determined to make a lasting difference.

The Senate, as the governing body of the Associated Students of Whittier College, is dedicated to the betterment of the college and assists on-campus clubs and organizations in creating, promoting and implementing dynamic programs and events that involve students and add value to their educational experience.

Our vision stems further and is summarized in “Poet Progress: A Student Body Improvement Plan”. This movement includes operating more efficiently as the Senate, being more visible and available to the student body, ratifying a Student Bill of Rights, encouraging leadership outside of the Senate, establishing pride in the College and creating a more effective means of communication with the student body.

Ways in which aid the fulfillment of our vision include the Senate Leadership Series, Proud to be a Poet Program and Student Advocacy Committee. In addition to Senate member office hours and open Senate meetings every Monday night, the leaders of the ASWC are available outside the C.I. every Friday during lunch to answer questions, hear the concerns of students and share important information. The purpose of this Speak to Your Senators campaign is to be more visible and take a proactive approach to addressing the needs of our students.

As leaders of the ASWC, we look forward to the wonderful road ahead. This is just the start of many good things and we are honored to serve the students with integrity, dedication, responsibility and humility.